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BIXU is the pronunciation of a Chinese word. Composed of two Chinese characters with different but related layers of meanings, it perfectly represents our service philosophy.


The first layer of meaning of BIXU is something “essential” to achieve the goals. We sincerely believe our service is essential to our client’s success. Whether a client plans to immigrate to the U.S., to start a business or clinic, or to protect critical intellectual property (IP) rights, we can provide essential services to these transactions. It is a BIG DEAL.


The second layer of meaning of BIXU is something “must be done”. Once a client makes the decision to hire our firm for legal needs, consider it a DONE DEAL. Rest assured are our commitments to the services. Although no one can guarantee the outcome of a case, we can guarantee our attitude toward the case and the quality of our services. We will explain to our clients the whole process, answer questions, communicate with the clients on each step. Our goal is to get the work done in a timely fashion without compromising the quality. We would like to nurture a long-term attorney-client relationship, and we count on our clients to refer us to friends and colleagues. At Hao Law P.C., we strive for excellence, for you.

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