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Our practices cover four different but related areas of law: immigration law, health law, intellectual property (IP) law and business law. Our business model is something between big law firms and small law firms. Unlike big law firms, we do not provide full-lines of services in all these three areas of law; unlike small law firms, we do not limit our practice in one specificity of law (such as immigration law). We know the needs of our clients and attempt to provide tailored services to those professionals and entrepreneurs for them to succeed in another country. Below are the schemes illustrating the roadmaps to success and the possible services we may provide.


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Disclaimer: The above schemes are for educational and informational purposes only, they are not intended to show that all the services described in the schemes are offered by our firm.

For more details of our services, please click the following links.

Immigration Law 

Health Law 

Intellectual Property Law

Business Law 

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your legal needs. We have broad connections and networks with other experienced attorneys and counselors, together we may be able to provide a solution for you.

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